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Here is a partial list of settlements the Gary firm has secured over the past 30 years.

Plaintiff v Tote Maritime - undisclosed
Willie Gary

 Cynthia Robinson, as P.R. of the Estate of Michael Johnson, Sr., Deceased v. R.J. Reynolds - $17M
Willie Gary & Team

 Plaintiff v Enterprise Bank - $195k
Employment Discrimination
Willie Gary

Brigham  v Georgia Municipality - $800k
Automobile Accident
Willie Gary, Nicholas Voglio


 Y Dextra v Orchid Island Juice - $1.7 Million
Employment Discrimination
Willie Gary

Fu-Gen v Los Angeles Community College - $1 Million
Employment Discrimination

Plaintiffs v Town of Palm Beach - $1.01 Million
Employment Discrimination
Willie Gary, Victory Swift

Anderson Columbia Company, Inc. and Joe Anderson v. Gannett Company, Inc. - $18 Million

Willie Gary

 SPS Technologies v Motorola

Copyright Infringement
Willie Gary

 Anaheiser Busch v Maris Distributing
Contract Dispute
Willie Gary, Robert Parenti, Madison McClellan

Walt Disney v All Pro Sports - $240 Million

Intellectual Property
Willie Gary, Robert Parenti, Madison McClellan

Newbold v Valuejet – $5 Million

Brantley v Presbyterian Hosp – $3.1 Million

 Ubezonu v Duke Med Ctr – $16.1 Million

 McCullough V Nalle Clinic – $10.3 Million

 Ashley Smith v Alton Thomas Jr. M.D. – $21.9 Million

 Thomas v Barton Steel Inc. – $4.5 Million

 Smith v Doctors Clinic – $21.2 Million

Jennings v Chicago Board of Ed – $14.3 Million

O’Keefe v The Loewan Group – $500 Million
Willie Gary

Davis v Lawnwood Regional – $30 Million

Black v Lawnwood Regional – $17.7 Million